Bob Schneider with Will Taylor and Strings Attached
Gary Hoey
at EMO's
Dysfunkshun Junkshun
People All Over The World Join Hands

Young Heart Attack
at Austin Bat Festival
at EMO's

John Pointer at Antones
Blue OcTobeR
Dec. 2003 at Antones
Ultrasonic "Break"
*Nominated for 2004 Music Video of the Year
by The Austin Music Network

windows video () quicktime video
BoB SchneiDeR
KLBJ FM Local LIcks Live
March 2004
ENdOCHiNe with JohNie GouDiE and SkUNk BaXteR on the Austin Stage at ACL Festival 2003
LOs LoNeLy BoyS
The Closing night performance at Steamboat.
Video Clip 1 KLBJ Blue Christmas at Antones 12/18/03.
Video Clip 2 featuring MC Overlord
Video Clip 3 featuring Jason Touchette Pecan St. 04
GleN ReXacH GrOuP at The Austin School of Music Anniversary Party Nov. 2003
Lisa Tingle
Interview clip and some live stuff from
Lucky Lounge on 5th St. Austin, Tx

Award Winning
Music Photography
by Laura Rojo
Live Performances
More Video Clips
SauCer w/ GeorGe DeVoRe
What, Album: Invasion of Saucer

360 deGRees in the miDDle of ACL Austin City Limits Fest 2003

BOb SChNeiDer
& the Ugly Americans Live footage from Steamboat on 6th St. in 1996

Frosty Smith KLBJ 93.7fm Local Licks Live 2004

Dexter Freebish 2004 KLBJ Local Licks on the Austin School of Music Stage Feb. 2004

clip from the Austin Groove Film

Title: Scenes, Album: Fuzzy Weather. Dir: Stoker Realé

AL GrEEN on the Main Stage at Austin City Limits Festival 2003.

UltraSonic "BREAK" quicktime
UltraSonic "BREAK" windows

Matson Belle
KLBJ FM Local LIcks Live
April 2004

StePhEn BrutoN
Trip Around The Sun Live at Antones

A Tribute song to
The Hole in the Wall

JIBE Pecan St. Fest 2004

at Pecan Street Festival 2003
Rocking The City Downtown

The Gene Pool

KLBJ 93.7fm Local Licks Live
hosted by Loris Lowe

Bob Cheevers - private Party
My Girlfriends Underpants

Dave Sebree
KLBJ FM Local LIcks Live
April 2004

GiDeoN's PReSs Live at the SteAMbOAT 2003

KeViN McKiNNeY SoulHaT
Local Licks Live Performance

LiSa TinGLe
a short promo clip from the Groove Movie.

GAhDzillA MoTor CoMpanY

Local Licks Live 2003

NaTAlie ZOe with PaPa MaLi
on the Church Stage at Austin City Limits Festival 2003


Live at Flipnotics May 2003

Trish Murphy KLBJ 93.7fm Local Licks Live 2004

Video: Half Mast

OmAR & The HoWLerS & VAN WiLKs KLBJ 93.7fm Local Licks Live 2004

FlaCO JimeneZ
Pecan Street Festival 2003

VAn WilKs CHriS LaYtoN (Double Trouble) & CraiG NietfeLD on Bass & Vocals
11/22/03 Hanovers in Pflugerville.

LonNie TrEvinO JR.

KLBJ-FM Local Licks Live
The Austin School of Music


Local Licks Live Performance

KLBJ FM Local LIcks Live
March 2004

MC OverLORd with POdUnK
Pecan Street Festival 2003

People All Over The World
Dysfunkshun Junkshun

The Illustrated Band
at Steamboat 2003

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Thelonious Monk
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Austin Groove, Strange Daze
A Southern Groove Culture Rock & Roll
Soap Opera with a Political Backbeat
Austin Groove, Live Music Film Series
Volume 1 - 30 Years Inside Austin's Music
A Documentary on the self proclaimed
Live Music Capital of thew World
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The Longest Running
Radio Show in
Austin's History
Lost Austin

A Dinner at Magnolia Cafe Convo w/
Michael Fracasso,
& India Taylor
from Oct. 1997...
listen to the recording in Quicktime or
Real Audio

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Buy 2 Get 2 Free: Bali, Maidenform, Warner's and more!
Sarah Sharp


I Want it That Way!
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Quicktime Video plugin DOWNLOAD
Edson HoverZ
Road Trip

Crawford, Tx
to see
Featured Gallery Los Lonely Boys CD Release Party
at the Lucky Lounge - 812/03

This is the release party of the album that made them WORLD FAMOUS.

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