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Austin City Limits Music Festival
by Laura Rojo

The Austin City Limits Music Festival was an absolute success. The weather was great, the music was incredible and people showed up by the thousands and had a fantastic time. I was able to get a taste of many of the bands that played during the festival and wished I could have been able to split myself to enjoy more of the acts that were part of the very first ACL Music Festival.

The festival also allowed people to get closer to Austin City Limits and gave them an opportunity to see great artists since getting tickets to the taped program are really hard to get.

Press Conference September 28, 2002

On Saturday, September 28, 2002 during the Press Conference, Terry Lickona, Producer of Austin City Limits, mentioned the reason the ACL Music Festival came about is because there was a void of music festivals in this town, except for SXSW (which is an industry event.)

ßThis festival is what Austin needed and they are hopping it will become as big as New Orleans Jazz Festival.

Press Conference, September 28, 2002

Among the things we learned during this first press conference was that String Cheese Incident has released “On the Road” a series of tapings of all their Spring & Summer shows for 2002. People can buy one recording, or they can buy the whole series.

The members of String Cheese Incident have been archiving their shows for a long time, and now they are making them available to their fans.

Billy Nershey mentioned that before MTVs, there was Austin City Limits, and it was special for them to be a part of it. Keith Mosley mentioned that most musicians grew up watching Austin City Limits. He grew up in Waco and never missed watching the program Sunday afternoons.

Pat Green who was another one of the artist present at the press conference, mentioned he was glad the festival was in his town (Austin) and said he could not wait to see what the show will be like in 10 years.

Press Conference September 28, 2002

Abra Moore told the press that Stevie Ray Vaughn was her favorite artist to appear on Austinå City Limit and she was glad to be part of the first ACL Music Festival. She also shared with us the news that many of the tickets for the festival were sold outside the country which talks about the far reach of Austin City Limits.

Press Conference September 28, 2002

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