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Del Castillo's CD Release Party
at Steamboat's

by Laura Rojo

First, we were lucky to see the guys of Del Castillo at the KLBJ-FM studios on Tuesday October 8, 2002 during the Local Licks broadcast with Loris Lowe. They played two songs acoustically and talked about the CD release party of ‘Vida’ at Steamboat’s on October 12 and their CD release at Waterloo Records on October 15, 2002.

Alejandro 'El Lobo' Ruiz

Then on Saturday, October 12, 2002, we attended the CD release at Steamboat, one of the best places to listen to live music. The place was packed but we managed to get to the front of the stage and enjoy not only a fantastic show, but also were able to watch how the performance was being filmed by no other than movie director Robert Rodriguez, who was back from Mexico after filming his last movie. There was a crew of 6 cameras filming for a DVD the band is planning to release early next year.

Robert Rodriguez filming Del Castillo

Mark & Rick Del Castillo can definitely play the guitar. Their fingers fly over the chords, and you cannot see them at times. Mike Zeoli, their drummer gives it all he can and keeps up with the beat non-stop. Albert Beistero, the bassist, is top notch and keeps us with the rhythm while providing backing vocals. Rick ‘The Reverend’ Holeman (percussions and backing vocals) adds to the latin flavor that makes Del Castillo such a unique band. Alejandro ‘El Lobo’ Ruiz, the lead singer has a fantastic vocal range, dances like a Flamenco pro and has great stage presence.Their sound is a mixture of Flamenco, funky Blues and excellent rhythm that makes you want to get up and dance.

Rick 'The Reverend' Holeman

The Band opened with Don Nicolás, followed by Vida two of the songs from their new CD. Then continued with Spanish Castle Tango followed by Sueños Madrigales and Para Mi Sobrina, two other songs from the new CD. The crowd was dancing and singing along with Alejandro as they continued their set with Sueños de Tí, Días de los Angeles. Mi Gitana, Mi Cariño, Los Caballos, El Camino, Back from the Grave and Porque no Quedas. When the band left the stage, the crowd went wild, asking for more. After a minute, they came back to stage and play Barrio Blues for an encore.

Alejandro 'El Lobo' Ruiz

If you have a chance to see them live, their show is highly recommended. These guys are amazing and with a mix of Flamenco and Blues, they rock the place. Their CD is one of the best Latin albums I have heard in a while and was on the Top Ten list at Waterloo Records for the first two weeks after its release.

Albert Beistero playing some funky bass

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