Blue October's CD Release Party at Steamboat

Blue October CD Release Party at Steamboat - April 18, 2003
Photos by Laura Rojo

We were invited to the CD Release party of Blue October's 'History for Sale' - Steamboat was packed and the guys put up a fantastic show. People were singing along and having a great time.

'History for Sale' is an incredible cluster of songs. The lyrics and music by Justin Furstenfeld are raw and strong. The delivery is powerful leaving you with a sense of wanting to hear more.

'Calling You' is the first single already being played on the radio, and can well be the hit that will catapult the guys into the national and international spotlight. Other songs that keep going around my head are 'Ugly Side', 'Clumsy Card House', 'Razorblade', 'Chameleon Boy', 'Inner Glow', the haughtingly beatiful 'Come In Closer' and 'Amazing'

This is a CD you definitely want to have on your collection. It is part of my iTunes collection and is also carried on my iPod anywhere I go.

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