Erika (Rikki) and I have been planning to visit England during Beatlefest week for the last ten years. Finally, we were able to make it during the last week of August in 2004. For me, the trip was a dream come true: I was able to visit a country in Europe for the first time and visit the birthplace of 4 lads who became famous during the 1960's.

Beatlefest is a very hush, hush affair. Most people in Liverpool did not know where it was taking place. For what we gathered, it usually happens on the Sunday before Bank Holiday (last week of August). This time, it was set at the lower level of the Adelphi Hotel with events going on 5 different areas of the hotel.

The main area had vendors selling anything to do with Beatles. The area on the right was set up with bands from around the world playing Beatles songs. The area on the left had Beatles documentaries and interviews playing continuously. The area on the back had the main stage, where interviews and other bands were playing. The last area had a gallery of photographs taken during the Beatles trip to India.

On Monday (Banking Holiday) we went to the Mathew Street Festival and got to see Pete Best live.

Rikki and I had a great time with her best friends from The Cavern days (Val, Eileen, Jeanne) plus Miranda, her sister Sue and her husband Tony, and her sister Jenny. We got to wonder around Liverpool, Fromby, Liscard, Chester, and took a trip to London.

I had a fantastic time and was glad to meet and become friends with all of Rikki's wonderful family and friends. Hope I can make it over there really soon.

-August 22, 2004 - Liverpool: Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, Menlove and Forthlin

-August 23, 2004 - Liverpool: The Cavern, St. Lukes and Other Buildings

-August 24, 2004 - Fromby

-August 25, 2004: Liverpool: Blackie

-August 26, 2004: Liverpool: Magical Mystery Tour

-August 27, 2004: Liverpool: LIPA, Stl Lukes

-August 28, 2004: Boat Ride

-August 29, 2004: Liverpool: Beatles Fest

August 30, 2004: Liverpool: Mathew Street Festival

-August 31, 2004: London: Abbey Road

-September 1, 2004: London (Part 1)

-September 1, 2004: London (Part 2)

-September 2, 2004: Chester


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